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Kellie Stewart

We at Menu-O-Matic started working with Twilio this morning and were pleasently surprised at how user friendly it is, there are so many applications for this technology you could very easily build a product or company around Twilio's voice enabled applications.
We LOVE Twilio!

Team Menu-O-Matic

Nicole Nascenzi

Startups in Tulsa rocked the Twilio API this weekend. If you haven't already check our Menu-0-Matic and place a test call to see just how cool Twilio can be.

Mike Henry Sr.

I was a competitor on one of the teams that also integrated with Twillio. We had 3 teams in Tulsa develop the integration and won out. Check them out. It's a very slick application for presenting restaurant menus in several formats including over the phone!

Restaurants are being squeezed tighter and tighter - rising food costs/labor rates, falling customer counts, declining alcohol sales, and increased competition. As a result restaurants need more cost effective ways to differentiate/represent themselves and their menus across multiple communications paths including print, web, mobile, and the telephone. Menu-O-Matic solves this problem. What is especially key is the fact that Menu-O-Matic was able to leverage Twilio’s API to substantially add functionality without increasing CapX generally required for sophisticated telephony integration. So the win-win is with the restaurants because Menu-O-Matic was able to bring a product to market that was only feasible by leveraging telephony in the cloud. Because this Startup Weekend success story so effectively demonstrates Twilio’s value add to their end customer, it deserves to win the Twilio Startup Weekend contest! is by far the coolest I have seem with legit applications for a small business owner. Nicely done.

Twilio is a super-awesome service that helps a small group of people do some big things. Using this service, menuomatic can upset some big players with the powerful solutions they can offer to restaurants. I'm excited to see what happens next!


I was a developer on the team ( We created an awesome product that enables you to quickly and easily find out what people think through its automated survey platform. The response we have gotten has been amazing - we have had a ton of people sign up and start using it already and even signed three larger customers in the past 48 hours just through word of mouth.

Thanks Twilio!!!

Jeremy Haile

The Voicify app at Atlanta Startup Weekend #3 was really cool, It's a great idea, very simply, but powerfully executed - and it's awesome that they launched during the weekend. Those guys definitely deserve to win the Twilio startup weekend contest!

john rossitter

I checked out the application and found it to be very intuative and user-friendly.
I tried the application out and think it's an awesome idea!
Really easy to use, and seems universally accessible...great job, I hope to see it become a real technology tool

Andy Macdonald

I am another one of the Voicify creators. We designed Voicify as a quick and simple way to find out what people think about any kind of issue. Our service allows for users, such as business, organizations, individuals, and political campaigns, to designate the questions they want to ask and the phone numbers to be polled, and it does the rest. The design of the system democratizes the process of obtaining direct feedback and makes it available at a price point far below that of a traditional IVR system. You can try it out for free simply by logging in (no signup required) at


The Voicify app is really cool. Very simple to use, but certainly very powerful. I can see this offering a real boost to the small business owner.


The Voicify app is going to be an efficient method to capture data for business owners. And the 10 cents is extremely competitive....


Lots of strong projects, but I think the most business viable one would be the voicify one. I think there is a ton of potential customers around for this app in small to medium size businesses, and as the previous commented said, 10 cents a piece is very very cheap. (plus the $2 free credit is nice)

Paul Nalley

This application is very well done. Used alot of things like it in the past however, the ease of use and ability to setup different "campaigns" are incredible.. Very well done and should be a have to have software.


I was one of the developers on the Voicify project as well...what a great group of guys. From concept to launch in under 50 hours at Atlanta Startup Weekend 3. We all wanted to do a Twilio based application and learn some new technologies as we went. We used a total of seven different development platforms, all of which we had never used before. Twilio is a great platform and I can't wait to see more applications that use this awesome service!

Thanks Twilio and The Voicify Team!

Toni Candelas Couch

looks good...I need to try it out...


The Voicify app is a great idea. A Simple idea to help a business improve. This will bring value to any smart business owner in any industry. Simple, Valuble, and a huge target market! Great Job Voicify Team!

Tracie Walley

I heard about the Startup Weekend in Tulsa, and heard about menuomatic. I called it up and loved it! The food items are funny when spoken on the phone! Its awesome! Its awesome!


I have been the local organizer of three Startup Weekends in Atlanta. In previous years we have launched Skribit and Twitpay. This year we launched six companies, with three of them, including Voicify being fully functional products. Voicify has a very impressive product that demos extremely well. Better than many companies that have been live for six months or more.

Voicify rocks!

Give them the Netbooks.


Voicify sounds like a great idea, and cost effective.

Sean Mahoney

I was in the room next to the Voicify team... I can attest to the rock-itude of both the team and the product. Looking forward to a Voicify integration soon!


Voicify rocked it at Atlanta Startup Weekend! Working demo, concurrent outbound calls and a functional IVR written via web submission - what more do you want? :)

Jeremy Buehler

Voicify is absolutely the answer! Create custom surveys for any buisness or personal use, the pricing, the intuitive UI, and solid coding!! Utilizing this application is affordable and a win for everyone! Quite impressive!

Jordan P

Twilio seemed like it was a fantastic platform for building apps at Startup Weekend. The Voicify app is simple to use and has a ton of room for growth - I especially like the integration with existing ID products that makes conducting a survey for many numbers doable in minutes (or less if you already have a Google account, OpenID login, etc). The polling history and the reporting functionality also make for easy real-time viewing of any of your previous polls. Nice work!


I tried the voicify app and liked it's simplicity. Vocify has great potential for both business and social users. It's a winner!

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